Who I Am

GMC Copywriting is a freelance copywriting proprietorship providing creative writing talent to clients looking for competitively priced services with an artistic flair that ignites the senses.

GMC Copywriting is owned and all services provided by me – Graham Maremma Cleary. I am a creative writer immersed in Science Fiction and Fantasy and also a 20 year Information Technology professional focusing on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations.

Imagine (excerpts from) ~Tales of Fantasy and Adventure

Aazim’s father was a skilled craftsman and boat builder and had presented the Mahogany dhow to Aazim as a birthday gift and with the help of his father had hand carved the Ekki stem in the image of a broad-bladed sword. This was back home in Matondoni when Aazim was just eight years old, where he learned to sail off the main pier and before his father disappeared. Aazim had hand stitched the cotton sail himself.

What Caspar did recall with absolute certainty though, was the day of his discovery, for it was July 3rd his birthday; and only moments before he had heard about the death of a Brian Jones on the store radio, who coincidently, was found dead at the bottom of an outdoor pool on some farm in England and something or other to do with Winnie-the-Pooh.

Within minutes we encountered the bear sauntering back up the path, not minding us at all, with what appeared to be a pair of Levi’s clenched in his sauce covered snout. Willy did make it home safe that day, but was never seen at the dump again and the jeans were never fully explained.


Quality, Professionalism, Integrity.

Industry expertise and knowledge:

  • Commercial – Aerospace
  • Public Sector – State, County and City Government
  • Public Utilities
  • Healthcare

Large scale project planning and management skills.

Ability to understand intricate business system changes.

Experienced at translating functional and technical requirements into detailed specifications.

Responsive to organizational goals, objectives, and initiatives.

Focused on user and stakeholder expectations.

Senior level consulting skills.

Allow me to use my diverse skills, experience and expertise to help you achieve success on your next project.